Thursday, August 30, 2007


It has been an insane week!!!!

Jason is back in school for the semester and trying not to be too distracted by football. Luckily it's still the pre-season.

On Wednesday, I left work and walked out to my car and noticed that I had a flat tire (it had 4.5 lbs. of pressure in it). I called Jason and he said he would leave work and come help me change my tire before he had to go to class. Then he called me when he got to his truck to let me know that his truck wouldn't start! So, I attempted to change the tire on my own - in my work clothes of course. I called AAA as a backup just in case I couldn't figure it out! Jason was able to get his truck to start and came to help me. By the time he got there I had gotten the tire off (I was very proud of myself) and called off AAA. My friend Heidi did help me - it was pretty comical with 2 pregnant women trying to loosen lug nuts. When Jason picked up the spare tire to put it on, he informed me that it was also flat! So we took the truck across the street to the gas station and aired up the spare. Anyway we finally got both the vehicles in operational condition and Jason was only a few minutes late to class.

Tonight the baby kicked his daddy! I had been feeling little kicks, but today they were much harder and Jason was able to feel one so that was very exciting!

Here's me at 20 weeks - we're 1/2 way there! The baby is about the size of a coconut this week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ask again later

Approximate size of our baby (week 19):

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Spenders

So we dropped our 1st big wad of money on the baby this weekend! The hole in our pocketbook prediction you guys made was right on. Actually we did get a really good deal on this literal truckload of furniture. We got a changing table that sits on top of a dresser, a huge armoire, a glider rocker, and a crib, all used from a friend of a friend. The people we bought it from also decided to throw in a Little Tykes playset - that's the colorful pieces you see in the truck.

Many thanks to Joyce for helping us carry the armoire into the house - and to Nate for helping us move it around within the house after we (Jason) cleaned it up - that thing is heavy!

Here's some of the furniture where it is currently sitting in our dining room waiting for us to clean out the baby's room...
Here's me at week 19! I'm starting to get mad at all you people who think I'm not showing, because I don't have very many clothes left that still fit comfortably! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You were wrong!!!

Danita at Week 18, it is still hard to tell that she is with child but wow is she beautiful!

So the majority of you told us we were going to have a girl, and we're here to tell you that you're wrong! We went to the hospital today and had our first ultrasound. It was amazing!! We got a really clear picture proving that it's a boy! The radiologist said that everything looks great. Our little baby boy is about 10 oz. right now, and is measuring at 18 weeks, just like he should be. We got to see all his organs and everything is developing nicely and is where it should be (despite the fact that my dad works at a nuclear power plant). And no indentions that we can see from all of my baby poking.

Here is a link to the Week 18 video, from our sonogram.

The Alien Head:

The "turtle":

The other reason we know it is a boy, he's got his dukes up ready to fight:

Thursday, August 9, 2007


So I didn't gain quite as much weight as I thought I did last weekend, but the doctor said that everything looks good. We listened to the heartbeat again - man, that baby is getting loud! The current heartbeat is around 150 bpm - a little slower than last month which the doctor said is normal. While we were there we scheduled our ultrasound - it's this Tuesday afternoon and we can't wait. My stomach feels weird, so one of my favorite new hobbies is to poke it. Jason gets mad because he doesn't want me to poke his baby. So, one reason we are especially excited to the baby is to see if he or she has a dimpled golf ball head yet due to all the poking. We'll let you know next week!

Monday, August 6, 2007


Welcome to week 17 for baby R. We've made lots of progress this week - first, Jason made a lot of progress on our pantry. He moved an outlet and some electrical wiring and didn't even get electricuted! He even started on the sub-floor, which once again confirmed for us how not level our house is.
We also made progress with the baby - well, really just with me looking pregnant. Jason wasn't happy with the amount of weight I had gained (or not gained) so far, so he made me eat lots of Jack Stack (BBQ) and Cascone's (Italian) and fried fish and ice cream this weekend. I am pretty sure I gained 5 lbs just this weekend, but we'll see when we go to the doctor tomorrow!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

No Love

Seriously, I'm getting no love on this weeks poll! You people have no faith in me!!! The Papa and according to the fan vote, the Big Papa.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rubber ducky, you're the one!

Here's the approximate size of our baby for week 16 (3 oz. and almost 5 inches)...