Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to school!

 7/6 - Levi's 3rd birthday!  We celebrated at home...
...and then at MiMi's house - thanks Mi Mi!!
Love those dimples!

7/12 - we set up the little pool and of course had to put a slide in it for extra fun.  When Jason first aired it up, Levi took a screwdriver and stabbed a hole in it.  This pool may not last another year!
Ooo Ooo and Paw Paw came to visit the supermen.
7/18 - we went on a fun camping trip with friends at Stockton Lake.  Thomas caught this catfish!
Playing in the sand.  Some serious canal building was happening here.
And then ice cream!
These are the guardians of the campsite.  It was beautiful weather and great to be outside!  And we gained a new appreciation for our beds.  :)
7/23 - we went bowling with friends (the kids thought it was boring!) and then to Burger King for lunch!

7/25 - Jason got out his old Nintendo for some Duck Hunt and Super Mario action!  Josiah loves it!
Also in July - the kids did swim lessons at the Y for 8 days between the 14th and 25th.  Josiah is getting to be a good swimmer, and Levi is just learning to be okay with getting his face wet.  They both love to be in the water though!

 8/2 - Josiah and I met some friends at The Salvation Army to do some volunteering.  We sorted school supplies for a couple of hours.  The boys were really helpful for the first hour, then after that they got a little distracted!  We broke down the empty cardboard boxes and loaded them into this dumpster for recycling.  The boys thought it was so fun to smash the boxes down (they thought it was a trampoline).
 That night we went to the fair for a little while.  We didn't stay long but the kids got to ride a few rides and see an elephant, so they enjoyed it!
8/6-8/9 - Jason's parents took the kids for a few days to so they could do some fun things before school started.  They had a lot of fun playing with Trent, going to Chuck E Cheese, and lots of other stuff!  They came home exhausted but happy.

8/15 - we finally got around to making deer sausage!  The kids think this is so fun.
8/17 - Hanging out in the hammock with daddy :)
8/20 - Josiah's first day of school!  My big first grader had a great first day.
His teacher, Mrs. McCanless.
I didn't even cry!  It was a close call though!
Levi already misses his big brother.  The first day he asked "can we go get Josiah now?".
Our summer flew by!  So thankful that we got to do so many fun things.  Love these little dudes!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

 On June 21st we left for the 13 hour drive for a New Orleans family trip.  It had been a couple of years since I'd visited, so it was great to see everyone and enjoy the food and sights again!

6/22 - got to hang out at my cousin Amanda's house with family we haven't seen in years, and meet their growing families!  This is my brother and I with our cousin Danielle.

Amanda even got a bouncy house for the kids:
 Part of the family get-together was also a surprise 60th birthday party for my dad!
 This is my dad with his two sisters.  It was really fun to catch up with them!
 Later that night we celebrated my parent's 40th wedding anniversary.  They did a vow renewal at the church where they got married in Belle Chasse.

 6/23 - we went to the Audubon Aquarium.  We were able to walk there from our condo in downtown New Orleans - this was taken in front of a hotel on the way there.
 Levi kissing a penguin.  I had to purposefully not think about the germ factor while taking this picture.  :)
 We are thankful we didn't have to experience a real hurricane!
 Josiah by the shark tank.  Love this picture.
 6/24 - swamp tour!  Glad we were able to leave with all of our children and all of our appendages.  :)
 One of the many alligators we saw.  They are very tame as they are used to getting fed from the boats.

 This little alligator rode on the boat with us the whole time!  The tour guide says he has several at home as pets and that they are harmless.  There is a law that they had to tape it's mouth but the guy said it's not necessary because it won't bite you.  Before he taped it's mouth, he was kissing it on the mouth a lot, and his face didn't have any scars.  So maybe instead of a dog we should get a gator.  They don't shed.

 After the swamp tour we of course had to eat more seafood!  This was Jason's first boiled craw fish of the trip.  It was really yummy.
 Our niece Ava didn't agree.
 After that, we drove out to Jean Lafitte National Park and walked the boardwalks through the swamp.  We saw two alligators but decided not to bring them home as pets.
 Then we went to visit my Granny and Maw Maw's grave.  Love remembering them!
 Just a cool cemetery picture.  Above ground graves are creepy-cool.
 6/25 - we had to go to Jackson Square and eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde!

 In front of St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.
 That afternoon the ladies took Ava to a formal tea at the Ritz Carlton for her birthday.  It was delicious and elegant.  I even tried caviar for the first (and last) time!
 6/26 - my parents kept the kids so that Jason and I and my brother & his wife could go to the WWII museum.  We did a submarine simulation, watched a 4D movie, and got to talk to WWII veterans.  It was a great experience and one that would not have been worthwhile with kids - thanks mom & dad!
 Inside a German air raid shelter.
 We stopped back by Amanda's house for a few minutes before heading to...
 BCHS where my parents first met!
 That night, we went out to dinner with my dad's dad (Alvin).  That was probably only the 3rd or 4th time I've ever been around him.  My dad didn't have grow up knowing him, so it's great that now we can have a relationship with the Bonvillians.  Forgiveness & reconciliation.  It's beautiful.
 6/27 - we threw away our excel spreadsheets (just for the day) and decided to be spontaneous.  The kids slept while we drove 3 hours to Pensacola Beach to surprise them.  We only spent a few hours there, but they absolutely loved it!

 That night we drove 5 hours to Jackson so that we wouldn't have to drive as far the next day.  8 hours of driving the next day and we were home!  Thanks to my parents for a great trip!
Also while we were in New Orleans - Josiah lost his 2nd tooth!  A big tooth was already coming in to replace it!

Laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll)!