Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring break!

In case you didn't notice, I added a note on the right about Jason finishing his MBA soon! Right now he is on spring break, and although we are not relaxing on a beach or hiking a mountain, we are still thoroughly enjoying his break from homework, quizzes, papers, and especially class time. Josiah loves seeing his daddy more often!

Jason's mission as a father is to turn Josiah into a farmer, starting with a John Deere hat and overalls. Josiah seems happy about it:

Here he is having a serious discussion with us about the rising grain prices:

Mothers day weekend we went to New Orleans to see my great grandmother (Josiah's great-great grandma). This was her 1st time to meet Josiah and she was very excited. Unfortunately all the pictures I took of them together are on my parent's camera so I don't have one to post at the moment, but I will soon! It was fun to get to see most of my New Orleans family. Here's Josiah on his first plane ride. He looks like he's nervously biting his nails, but he's really just chewing on his fingers. Jason & I were kind of apprehensive about traveling with a baby, but Josiah did really well and did not even seem to notice his ears popping.

Here's Jason & Josiah at Cafe Du Monde just before enjoying some yummy beignets (french doughnuts). It's a good thing we took this shot before we ate, because we were all covered in powdered sugar afterwards.
My parents got Josiah this hat as his first New Orleans souvenir. It signifies just how important crawfish is to our family. :) As you can see, he was a little worn out from his French Quarter outing.
Last weekend, Jason's parents came for a quick visit. It was a fun and relaxing weekend. Here is a picture of three generations of Regehr men!
Here's Josiah with his grandma:

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!