Monday, August 9, 2010

Reading and other updates

Josiah loves to read. We go to the library every couple of weeks and get new books (about 10 at a time). Within about a week he has most of them memorized. He will recite them to us, use random phrases from them in conversation, and if we pause while reading he will finish the sentences for us. I keep getting an error with the blogger video, so check him out here:

Other updates:

  • He started calling me "mom" last week instead of mommy. He announced "your name will be mom".
  • He is doing awesome with potty training and does not have very many accidents.
  • He has a hard time saying the letter "F". He substitutes the letter "T". So we play "tarm" every day with our "tarmer", barns, and animals.
  • He knows about 10 words in Spanish which are so cute to hear him say.
  • One of the most recent additions to his vocabulary is the word "investigate" which sounds more like "inbestigate".

Here is a fun video of one of his favorite things to do in our backyard. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer fun

We have been having a great summer!

Josiah is helping me in the garden this summer. Mostly he digs in the dirt, pours water in the dirt, and then stomps in the mud. But he does help me pick the ripe cherry tomatoes, even though he won't eat them. We also have a jetsetter tomato plant. When the first one turned red, this little guy ate it for us:
I had to shake the plant for him to run away. I guess our tomatoes are really good!

At the beginning of July, my bestest friend Genevieve and her daughter Olivienne came to visit. It was super fun to see them! We drove them to Hays and stayed a couple of days with Gen's parents. They were so gracious in hosting us.
They had a bike for Josiah to ride - he called it his "girl bike".
We are looking forward to seeing them again next month!

We also had fun in July going to a big truck day in Olathe. Unfortunately we picked one of the hottest days of the year to go! But Josiah got to enjoy a snowcone. Those always help. Here he is "driving" a trash truck. He also got to drive a police car, ambulance, bus, and some other trucks; plus see McGruff the crime dog. Not sure if he really got the point of that big dog.

At the end of July we went with my parents to Mark Twain Lake for the day. We were very impressed by how well Josiah did in the water. He was swimming on his own (with a life jacket of course) and did not want us to help him!

Of course by the end of the day he was exhausted!! We rode on a tube on the way back to the car and he attempted to fall asleep on my head. Luckily we got him back in the boat before he passed out.

Last weekend we got to go hang out with Jason's side of the family. We had a fun weekend just hanging out. Josiah talked his Mi Mi into making a chocolate cake. Who could say no to this face?
We were also able to visit Grampa Camp on his farm and help feed cousin Jared's horse, as well as "drive" all the tractors (several times).

Last week we went with some friends to have lunch and play in the fountains. It is hard to tell that it is 100 degrees when you are soaking wet! Josiah and his friend Andrew playing with a tractor and an airplane (those are water-going vessels, right?):
We are having fun hanging out with friends and trying to stay cool! Let us know how your summer is going!