Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Big Boy

This is my 1st week without a paying job, and so far I have no regrets! I am so thankful that God arranged the timing so perfectly for us.

Josiah is now 10 weeks old, but because he was premature he really acts like a 4 week old. This is important because in a couple more weeks Josiah should be able to sleep a little longer at night! He is starting to study things more now, which is a good developmental milestone. He is about 9 lbs 12 oz, and is getting super strong. Here he is holding his head up as his daddy tries in vain to get him to go to sleep.

Jason shaved his beard off this week. Here's Jason feeding Josiah while Josiah stares at him wondering who he is and where the bearded guy went.
Here's Josiah all bundled up for this crazy cold weather. This coat is a 0-6 month size so it's just a teensy bit big on him. At least he's warm!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

Yesterday was a big day (and not just because of the caucuses/primaries)! First I went to the breastfeeding group, and weighed Josiah - he is now 9 lbs 3 oz!!!

Then I got a phone call from my director at work and found out that my request for voluntary severance got approved! It is crazy to think about purposefully trying to lose my job, but that's exactly what I did. It is actually a great opportunity & great timing, because I want a part time finance position and it didn't work out to do part time in the group I was in. Since I've been with the company for over 8 years I get 6 months of severance pay, so when I heard they were offering voluntary severance it seemed too good to pass up. We would appreciate your prayers as I try to find a part time position, and as I adjust to the thought of not having a paying job (because I still have a very challenging full time job - it just doesn't pay very well).

I'll post some more pictures later this week - I just wanted to post to share our exciting news!