Friday, August 29, 2008


Josiah really took off with his crawling on Monday evening. Then on Wednesday he started pulling himself up to standing! I went to get him from his crib and he was standing up, holding onto the bars, and laughing at me. He has been trying to stand up on his own ever since. He really has no sense of fear, and has been pulling himself up on Jason or I, and then letting go!

Here he is kneeling in his crib. I tried to get him to stand up for the picture but he was too worried about getting out of his crib (a.k.a. not having to go down for a nap).
Sorry for the shaky-ness of this video, but here he is crawling to me and trying to pull himself up. He didn't quite get there in the video - I think he was too interested in the camera.

He will be walking before we know it!! Yikes!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


So I guess I'm past due for my once-a-month posting, but here's what we've been up to.

In the 2nd half of July I got to visit with some of my dearest friends who (or is it whom?) I don't get to see very often. Genevieve was here from San Francisco and it was so great to see her and pass on what very small bit of baby advice I have. Joyce was also here from Chicago and it was really fun to catch up with her. I also got to hang out (on separate occasions) with Amy, Angela, and Kristin - it was so great to see all of you guys!!

The first week in August we went with my side of the family to Branson for vacation. We had fun just hanging out at the pool (Josiah loved the pool) and playing Settlers and relaxing - and Jason, my brother & my dad got to do some fly fishing.

It was a good trip, but the day we left Branson Josiah started running a fever. We kept giving him Tylonel and Motrin, but that evening it got up to 102.5 and I was freaking out a little bit. We were with Jason's side of the family at that point, and Jason's mom helped bring Josiah's fever down (and calm me down) by giving him a lukewarm bath. Josiah's fever broke on Monday so I thought maybe he was getting better. Long story short, I took him to see a friend who is a nurse later that week (thanks Janna!), and she told me that he had an ear infection - despite the fact that he was sleeping ok, not running a fever, and not acting sick! He's been on antibiotics for about a week now, and is doing much better.

Last week my dad called Jason to see if he could get off for a last minute fly fishing trip (those 2 should not be allowed to talk to each other!). So we took a 1 day trip which counts as Jason's graduation present. I didn't have much fun because I was not feeling well, taking care of a sick baby who did not want to sleep, and I literally got around 30 bug bites on a 1/3 mile hike in the woods. But Jason caught a nice rainbow trout and had a fun time fishing, and we found out that he looks really cute in waders!
Also in the past couple of weeks, Jason got a new job! He starts this coming Thursday and he is very excited about the new opportunity/challenge. It is a well deserved promotion and I am super proud of him.

Other than having his 1st full blown cold, here are the other things Josiah has been up to:

*He now has 2 (very sharp) teeth (can you see them?)! I would advise keeping your fingers out of his mouth.
*He is eating baby food twice a day - I am attempting to make most of it. So far he loves sweet potatoes, avacado, brown rice cereal, and bananas; but he is not a fan of zucchini, papaya, or oatmeal.

*He started crawling this past week...just a couple of paces at a time, but he is making forward progress (before he could only go backwards)!

*He grabs everything close to him - you have to be careful when handling any liquids around him - he loves to knock them out of your hand and onto the floor. This happened last week with his antibiotic (it went everywhere and we had to get another prescription), and this morning with some hot coffee.

*He is 8.5 months old, almost 17 lbs, and about 28" tall. He looks about the same size as a lot of his 1+ year old friends!

See you next month when I have time to post again!