Saturday, April 28, 2012


Levi is 9 months old now (almost 10 months old as of this post)!  We took him to the doctor on 4/18 for his checkup.  He is 20 lbs 10 oz and 28.25" tall.  That puts him in about the 50th percentile for both weight and height.  He is so much fun.  He loves to stand up (holding onto something), although he has fallen over a couple of times.  He also loves to walk around while holding onto someone's fingers.  He is starting to get over his separation anxiety a little, but still prefers mommy over everyone else.  He babbles a lot, and smiles at everyone (as long as mommy is holding him).  I have been trying to upload a crawling video to no avail.  Hopefully it will work soon!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A month of firsts

 The past month has flown by!  Here are some picture updates.

Truman facing off with Darth Vader.  Thankfully the cats have not tried to go after the chickens.  The chickens do not seem to be too afraid of the cats.  They will walk right up and peck them in the face! 

Easter weekend was a big one for Levi - he started clapping his hands, saying Ma Ma, and crawling!  He is still a pretty slow crawler, but he can definitely get around.  Videos of Levi coming soon.

Dying eggs for Easter.  Josiah had fun but a couple of the eggs did not survive. 

Easter egg hunting at Grandma Regehr's house:
 More egg hunting, with a bonus pic of the new ride!
Josiah has become quite the tree climber.  Every tree he sees with low branches is fair game. 

4/13 - Josiah's first x-ray!  He has been having some ongoing constipation issues, so we are checking things out.  After this x-ray, the doctor told us to come home and have a clean-out day, where we give him 1/2 bottle of Miralax.  That was a long day, but he survived!  He has a follow-up appointment next week.
4/14 - The completed chicken coop!  Jason built the whole thing by himself with no plans or anything to follow.  He specially designed it to be able to check for snakes before grabbing the eggs!  He did a great job.  It is really heavy/sturdy - we have joked that it could be our storm shelter!

This is how we got the chicken coop into our yard. 
Good thing Mary Anne is strong enough to pull it!
It is nice to have the chickens out of our garage!

4/16 - Josiah's first dentist appointment (we were going to take him last year, but with the move and Levi's birth and everything we just didn't get it done).  He did SO great.  He didn't like the light shining in his eyes, so they gave him these glasses to wear.  He sat still, didn't complain, and was very cooperative.  AND, no cavities!! 

Bass Pro brainwashing at it's finest:
Have I mentioned that we planted 2 apple trees on 3/14?  Here is one of them leafing out (taken 3/31).

More tree climbing.  The branches were too high on this one, so he had some help getting up there. 

4/14 - Levi sitting on the tractor with daddy for the first time!

Josiah was the ring bearer in Jason's cousin's wedding last weekend.  He did a great job and LOVED it.  He thought he was the star of the show (in our minds he was!).  Congrats Jared & Mikayla!
This is at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding:
 On Sunday Levi got his first (much needed) haircut!  Thank you Aunt Ericka!!
Our friends the Buhrles stopped by for a short visit on their way through town Sunday - it was great to see them!

We had a fun time at the Springfield zoo this week with some friends we met through Josiah's school:

Feeling super blessed!!!