Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Travels

I left on 7/31 to drive the boys to my parent's house for the week, then my mom drove me to the airport on 8/1 to fly to Seattle to see one of my best friends in the world and meet her new baby boy!  I was there for 8 days, and added one day on each end to spend at my parent's house.  That was the longest I had been away from the boys or Jason!  It was a great trip, but I missed them like crazy! 

Here is baby Roen, only 1 month old.
This is Genevieve's mom, Jason's cousin Amanda (who also happens to be Gen's brother's girlfriend!), Genevieve and me at a local play at a small theater.
I had an amazing week.  I ran whenever I wanted to, watched movies, enjoyed the amazing Seattle weather, and helped out where I could with the baby and cooking.  Genevieve and I also got to do some kid-free shopping!  I was so relaxed when I came home!  When Levi (a.k.a. momma's boy) first saw me at the airport, he only wanted my mom!  But he warmed up to me the next day and then did not want to let me out of his sight, even for a second!  Josiah did great and had a blast playing with his cousins, swimming, and getting some Ooo Ooo and Paw Paw time.  A HUGE thanks to my mom and dad for doing such an amazing job taking care of the kids!!

After flying back into St. Louis, we stopped at Nate & Jen's for dinner - thanks for having us guys, it was great to see you!

 Daddy playing with his boys after missing them for a week!!

And that brings us to today!  I took the boys to the Springfield airport for a cool event featuring some WWII era airplanes.  This one is the only B-29 still in flight.  It was fun but would have been even better if we could have stayed to tour the cockpit.  Alas, we had to get home for nap time.  But we did get to meet a WWII veteran who flew B-29s in the war!  Amazing. 

We are loving this cooler weather!!  It has been so great to get outside!  Speaking of, time to go out and gather some eggs!

Levi turns one (and other July fun)

I am a delinquent blogger, but I will make up for it with pictures!

6/18: Levi and his daddy.  Too cute!
 6/23: just hanging out and being cute.
 7/1: fun trip to St. Louis to visit friends!

 7/6: Levi's birthday!
 7/7: Levi's birthday party!  Since we now live close to family, we just decided to invite everyone!  We had a full house, but it was really fun and Levi did surprisingly well - he smiled at everyone and didn't get scared!

 Just like we did for Josiah, we gave him a choice of chocolate and vanilla cake (since I don't like chocolate and Jason is a chocoholic).  The verdict?  He didn't like either one.  :)
 Enjoying one of his new toys!

 7/15: two baby deer that periodically come get water from our pond.  It is fun to watch them (Josiah is especially enamored!).
 7/17: playing outside...enduring the heat!

 7/23: Lego explosion!
 7/29: Levi's cute smile.  He loves this duck!
Also in June:
*Jason and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary by going out for dinner at Doe's - they specialize in huge, super yummy steaks - while Mi Mi and cousin Alex watched the boys (THANK YOU!!).  We also made a stop at Home Depot which has become our annual (very romantic) marriage tradition.
*Josiah got to ride in a combine at Uncle James' farm!
*Josiah took a weekend trip to Dallas with his Mi Mi (Jason's mom).  He had a blast!
*I did my first race (5k) since Levi was born.  It was not my fastest race, but it was fun and it was great to get back into running!

Also in July:
*We had a week of VBS (Josiah's first) while Levi stayed home with his daddy (I love my brave husband!).  I helped with the three year olds which was fun and entertaining.  The first night, Josiah talked his way up on the stage by telling them "I know everything about airplanes" (aviation theme).  He took someone else's spot as co-pilot.  He loved every minute and still asks me when the next VBS will be.
*I weaned Levi - hooray for freedom!!! 
*We took the boys to Incredible Pizza for games (Josiah loved the lazer tag!).

Coming soon: first half of August updates (and me being caught up with the blog!)