Sunday, September 11, 2011


In case you are wondering, Jason loves his new job! I am very proud of him!

Our cute boys

The cutest boys!
Levi smiling - he loves his big brother.
Jason and Josiah camped out in the back yard - Josiah loved his 1st camping experience!

More pics, just because they're cute.

Josiah's 1st day of preschool! He is doing a great job and learning how to write his letters. He is a little shy with his classmates, which was quite unexpected. This is the same boy who chats with strangers at the grocery store, in the elevator, etc. I guess it's different when there's not someone there that he knows. I am sure that with time his natural outgoing exuberance will shine through!
Josiah loves Daisy. I am not sure she always reciprocates. But thankfully she has learned to be extremely patient.
A visitor that showed up literally on our front step - ironically on the welcome mat. I thought it was dead, but later when I went out it was gone!
My birthday was Labor Day. Don't worry, it's not too late to send a gift (kidding!). Jason made me waffles for breakfast (and did all the dishes), then we went to Springfield for lunch, and Jason took Josiah to Chuck E. Cheese while I went shoe shopping. Then we all went out for ice cream at a local homemade ice cream place. It was a fun day!
I think Josiah enjoyed the ice cream place more than I did!
Levi is 2 months old! He has been smiling at us a lot, which we love! He enjoys pooping through his diapers, standing up (with assistance), and sleeping in his swing. I have been very lazy and have been letting him sleep in the swing at night. It is a habit I will have to break, but for now we are both sleeping so my motivation is very low. He has slept through the night twice already! At his 2 month doctor appointment Friday he was 13 lbs 10 oz - in the 88th percentile!
We love our boys!!