Saturday, January 21, 2012

Up up and away

These boys are growing up fast! A week ago I took Levi to his 6 month doctor's appointment. He is now 18 lbs 10 oz and 27 inches tall. I believe that puts him in the 67th percentile for both height and weight. Hey doctors, look how proportional our asymmetrical baby turned out to be!!

Levi enjoys sticking out his tongue, chewing on his toes (and everything he can reach), pulling his brother's hair, and sitting up by himself for a few minutes at a time. He can roll from his back to his belly, but he mostly chooses not to because he can't roll from his belly to his back, so he gets stuck (and then tired and then mad). He is getting up during the night, sometimes only once but most nights twice. Where did my good sleeper go?! Oh well, at least he is still his smiley happy self!

Levi is almost too big for some of his 9 month clothes, and has several 12 month pieces that he can wear. The kid is only 6 months old! Josiah is getting so tall that his 4T t-shirts are turning into midriffs. Pretty soon I will have giant children that can carry me around in their pockets. Josiah enjoys playing Legos, GI Joes, Star Wars, and mostly anything involving chasing, shooting, etc. He loves watching PBS kids shows (Dinosaur Train, Curious George, etc.) and also loves watching movies, so much so that I am trying to re-direct his attentions to more productive activities. He also loves talking to Levi, and Levi thinks he is hilarious. It is so fun to see them interact.

Pictures coming soon (and by soon I mean within the next couple of weeks)!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jason and his girls

Well Jason officially has another woman in his life. 9 more actually. Heifers of course! Here he is with his grandpa the day he brought them over (a week ago Sunday).
Here's one of the girls standing in the nice luscious rye grass Jason planted.
Three more who have not figured out how yummy rye grass is yet.
Josiah, the proudest he can be of his daddy's new girls! Now he just has to figure out how to not spook them. Less running at them while mooing might help.
Let us know if you want to buy some beef from us in about 7 months! Just one disclaimer: the price per lb will be about $20 so that we can cover all the farm stuff Jason wants to buy! ;)