Friday, May 29, 2009

Picture updates

Over the past 3 weeks we have had fun hanging out at home and hanging out with friends. Here are some cute pictures...

Our old frozen cookie dough container is now a very stylist hat (and yes, he does do all his own stunts).Josiah loves cars. He loves to sit in them unrestrained by those annoying safety seats. Here he is with his friend Asher...

"Look how sweet and innocent we are!" "Ok, I think they are distracted. I'll steer if you man the pedals."
"Wait - first let's roll up the window so they can't hear our escape plans!"
"Oh, you heard all of that? We were totally joking."

Josiah got a pair of Hot Wheels sunglasses as a gift from the amazing Parents as Teachers board. He looks super cool but he only wears them for a couple seconds at a time.

Wearing his daddy's boots. He wants to be just like his daddy when he grows up. Be very afraid.

Hanging out with one of his long distance girlfriends (Allie) who was in town for Memorial Day weekend. He's driving her around in his sweet (pink) ride.

First time drinking out of a straw!!! We were so excited that we caused a scene at the restaurant. We love you Crayola!

Chillin' with friends who are 1 day older - Connor & Jacob.

He loves Connor & Jacob's dog Millie. She is the first dog he ever really tried to pet without us forcing him. And then he found her very fun ears.

In other news, Jason replaced our back door last weekend. We are excited that we can no longer feel air coming in around the back door! The battle against the house continues. We won this round!

Have a great weekend!