Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring is here at last!

I started the month of March (3/14-3/17) with a (very uncharacteristic of me) impromptu trip to Dallas with Jason's mom to visit his sister and her family.  I was talked into it the night before around 10 pm.  After some frantic packing we pulled it off!  I did forget to pack pajamas for the boys, and I forgot to bring the amoxicillin Josiah was on for an ear infection, but other than those things we were pretty well prepared.  We had a great trip and thoroughly enjoyed the nice weather!

Here's Aunt Ericka giving Josiah a much needed haircut at her salon in McKinney:

 Chilling on the porch swing with MiMi (saying cheese):
 Josiah got this Iron Man Popsicle from the ice cream truck (his Aunt Ericka likes to spoil him):
 Levi with his cousin Samantha (he loves her):
 The whole crew at the end of the trip:
I also got a haircut and a pedicure while we were there...I'm not entirely sure why I came home!  ;)

3/26 - Levi dressed up as the Hulk.  He loves that guy, and goes around the house saying "hu hu!".
3/30-3/31 - had a fun Easter with my side of the family.  Here are the eggs we dyed with silk ties - much less messy than coloring eggs, and they turned out really cool!
 Cousins hanging out:
 All dressed up for church:
 On 4/3 we got 14 new baby chicks!  They are almost a month old now, and have grown a lot.  Most of these will be for meat (sorry chickens).

 4/10 - just being cute.  When Josiah is finished eating he likes to be a scavenger and go check out what Levi has left.  Levi sometimes hand-feeds it to him.  I guess that's easier than asking for seconds?
 4/20-4/21 - our friends the Hardins came from St. Louis to visit!  It was so great to see them and hang out.  We all went to Silver Dollar City on the 20th and had a blast, but unfortunately I forgot my camera!  So these pics are from the 21st:

4/30 (yesterday) - a new baby calf was born!  Number 7 had her calf (she is our only horned cow, so Josiah calls her "Horny").  Josiah and I were excited to go see the new calf, but her mama wasn't excited about us being there, so we kept our distance.  It was still fun to get to see him!

Josiah decided to climb a tree.  I guess the calf wasn't exciting enough for him!
We've planted part of our (now 50 ft) garden - garlic, potatoes, strawberries, eggplant, broccoli and cauliflower.  So thankful for the warmer weather, even if it is intermittent!  80's yesterday and back in the 40's by Friday.  It's Missouri - you never know what you're going to get!