Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Potty expert

Last Monday we started potty training. I was not sure how it would go since we tried 6 months ago and it was a complete disaster. This time I went in with no expectations, covered everything with blankets, and let him run around naked for almost 2 days.
He is doing AWESOME!!!! The first couple of days he had to mop a couple of times, and we've washed several blankets, but he really has had very few accidents, and is even staying dry most days through nap time! I am completely amazed at his quick progress. He pooped in the potty on day 2 of potty training. Does anyone else think we have the most amazing child ever?!

I would just like to note that he is doing most of this himself. I cannot take any credit for his progress. He is pulling down his own pants, and deciding when to go to the potty (I am not reminding him for the most part). He loves wearing his big boy underwear and even gets a little upset at night when he has to wear a diaper to bed.
As you can see, each day we have been adding more clothes. I just keep taking pictures because he looks so cute running around in his underwear.

This past weekend we went to visit Jason's parents for their 4oth anniversary. Congrats!! It was fun to celebrate with them.
At the 40th anniversary party, he was very sleep deprived, and his craziness was taken out on the food. He put a finger into the back corner of the cake you see above, and later grabbed 2 hot dog buns from the food table and was running around eating them. Between that and him walking into the living room a couple of times with his pants half off, he was a great entertainer!

I was a little nervous about how the potty training would go during the weekend, but again Josiah amazed me. Mi Mi took us to see Toy Story 3 at the theater - Josiah's first movie at the theater! He did great and had a lot of fun (and did not get the theater seat wet).

I am so proud of my big boy!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More cowboy adventures

At the end of May, we got a free evening at the local farmstead, courtesy of our internet provider. The farmstead is usually free, but for this night they had all the paid activities for free. Josiah got to fish, feed baby goats with a bottle, go on a hayride, AND ride a pony. They usually do not let kids under three do the pony rides, but luckily they were not checking IDs.

Look close - there is a fish there.

The baby goats also enjoyed eating Jason's shorts.

Our little cowboy:

The first week in June, Josiah and I left Jason at home and visited my side of the family during the week because my great aunt Alice was in town from Texas. It was really fun to see her and get to hear about her family. Here she is with my newest niece Ella:

Josiah got to ride around with his Paw Paw on the mower and the tractor. As a side note, when I was growing up and had to mow that grass, I used a push mower and a really slow tractor. This thing practically mows it for you while you take a nap. So not fair.

I tried to get a picture of Josiah and I with our Missouri shirts on (Jason would be so proud), but you can't really see the shirts in this one.
That weekend, Jason's mom came to visit. She took Jason and Josiah to a Royal's game Friday night, took us out to brunch on Saturday, and then to Bass Pro Shops (Josiah's request). They are doing a family summer camp thing right now, and they even put your picture on the cover of Field & Stream! Thanks for coming to visit, Mi Mi!
This past weekend was our 6th anniversary. We celebrated by dropping Josiah off with my mom and staying in a bed & breakfast for a night. We had a nice dinner, took a winery tour, and biked 14 miles on the Katy Trail. It was a fun getaway. Here we are in front of the muddy, er, I mean mighty Missouri river.
We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday, my parent's anniversary, and Father's day, all a week early. And yes, those all fall within a week of each other.

We got to see extended family, and our friend Eve and her daughter Annie who are visiting from Taiwan.

Eve gave Josiah some body crayons. Before that night was over we all looked like Josiah below:

Josiah got to play with my cousin's kids (is that his first cousins once removed, or his second cousins? I can never remember). Evan, Hunter, Annie, Emerson & Josiah:

Last but not least, Josiah got to "drive" his Paw Paw's fishing boat. He has been talking about doing this for months.
Jason and my dad were fishing from the boat, so Josiah got to help Jason reel one in - but then he was not interested in touching it. He said "it dirty" in a very grouchy voice. Can you tell he needs to catch up on his sleep?
In the midst of the fun weekend, the truck started making a noise that sounded like a dog that then mutated into a bird. So we took it to the dealership and they did not have the part to fix it. So we added another day our long weekend to get the truck fixed (they did not think we could make it back home before the fix). Then we got home around midnight last night to find that all the recent flooding had caused the circuit board on the fan for our A/C to short out. So no A/C. Got that fixed today. Ouch, those little circuit boards are not cheap. But, we are thankful to have air conditioning and realize how spoiled we are.
Have a great week and don't take your A/C for granted!