Friday, September 19, 2008


On Monday it is officially fall! Yay! The weather has been amazing, and that puts everyone in a good mood.

Since my last posting...
*We visited Jason's family for Labor Day and had some cute pictures made! I will share those once I get the soft copies because the Sears picture website sucks. It was really fun to see everyone, and Josiah had a blast.
*I turned 31. Yes, I am old, but I still had a fun birthday!

*Jason's dad made a quick trip up to help us re-do our driveway. It looks great!!! Then my parents came and painted our under-construction-pantry and installed a light in it. We are excited to be making progress on house projects, and very thankful for our parents!

Here are some additional cute pictures of Josiah. He is super active and curious and loves to explore everything. Here he is happily digging in his toy box.
This picture was taken right before we went on a walk on one of the cooler days we had. I just thought he looked cute!
This is how he sleeps. Always on his stomach with his butt in the air; sometimes with a foot between the crib bars, or his head mashed into a corner.

He picked up a runny nose at church - here he is blowing a snot bubble and drooling simultaneously. He is so talented!
Happy fall everyone!