Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter survival

We have been so stir-crazy for the past month!  Am I the only one that wants to punch a groundhog?  Here are some of the things we've been doing to combat the winter blues.

2/1 - had a playdate with superhero friends!
 2/8 - date night (took the kids to Jason's parent's house - thank you MiMi!) for Jason's 35th birthday!
 2/14 - Valentine's day - we made his school V-day box out of one of our (many) empty ice cream containers.

Weekend of 2/17 - Jason took out the deer meat he cut up and froze in November so we could process it.  Josiah had a great time helping out!  Now we have breakfast sausage, summer sausage, and 2 kinds of jerky.
 Stuffing sausage casings...
and making jerky.
 2/18 - Levi decides he wants to play with the Sam's size ketchup bottle.  He doesn't even eat ketchup, but this is still the best Heinz advertisement I've ever seen.  :)
 2/21 - Ice.  Lots of ice.  It looks like there's snow on the ground, but it's really just...
(you guessed it) - ICE.  Since he couldn't make a snowman or even a snow angel, Josiah figured out that hitting ice with a stick is a fun game.  Until your mom makes you come inside because it's too cold.
2/23 - a great thing to do when it's cold, the ground is wet, and there is very little wind?  Burn a brush pile!  When the fire died down we went out there and roasted marshmallows over the embers.  It was a little weird to roast marshmallows in 30 degree temps with ice on the ground, but we stayed plenty warm sitting next to the fire. 
The kitty was happy to have company.
2/26 - we finally got some snow!!!  We were able to make a snowman (which he tackled shortly after this picture was taken).  Also, it's not really a snowman.  It's a one-eyed snow pirate.  Levi is mad in this pic because the cat keeps knocking him down. 
So happy that winter is almost over!  Time to start planning out our garden (start planting potatoes next weekend!), think about getting chicks (to raise for meat), and decide if we're adding a pig to the farm!  Yay for spring!