Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wrapping up summer break

 7/14 - I took the boys to visit my family for a few days.  We got to go to a fun outdoor concert where my Aunt Naomi was singing.  The boys had fun running around and Levi even did some dancing.
 My Grandma Lucy came with us to the concert too.
 The park had a really cool fountain area to run around in - the boys loved it.  I was not prepared with swim attire, so they both basically rode back to my parent's house naked, but it was worth it for all the splashing fun!
 7/15 - we left from my parent's house and drove up to Hannibal, MO to visit my brother and his family.  I got to see their new house, the kids got to play with their cousins, and we hit some of the local tourist attractions.  Here's Levi at a fun local restaurant that has stuff for the kids to play with/climb around on while you wait for the food.  Why doesn't every restaurant offer that?!  :)
 Then we walked around some of the kid attractions - they had a koi pond, bumper boats, and lots of mechanical things to ride on.  Levi loves trains so this was right up his alley!
 Then we went to the Mark Twain cave, made famous in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer book by Mark Twain.  It was really fun - a walking tour with a lot of narrow passageways.  Both of the boys loved it!

 We spent some time exploring downtown Hannibal and shopping , and then spent that night with my brother.  The next day Josiah had to check out their great climbing tree.
 Before heading out of town we picked up a few more things at the mercantile, ate some lunch, and visited the local chocolatier (yummy gelato!).  It was great to spend time with our Hannibal family!
 7/16 - back to my parent's house and then to Fulton to see my Grandma again.  She happened to be dropping cookies off at the fire station, so we stopped in and got to check out some fire trucks!  The boys were in heaven.
 Afterward we hung out at my Grandma's house for a few minutes before heading home.  It was a fun trip!
 7/18 - a fun pic of Josiah at swim lessons.  He has overcome his fear of getting his face wet!
 Our backyard visitor.  This pic was taken in early evening.  This brave little fellow lived in the tree in our front yard.  Immediately after we would feed the cats, he would climb down and eat their food.  He was getting a little too brave (i.e. coming out during daylight and right behind our house), so Jason bought a trap and this little guy met his demise.  We feel bad killing animals like this, but you don't know what diseases they are carrying so it's really safer for everyone.  A moment of silence to mourn his passing...and moving on.  :)
7/21 - Levi has been practicing sitting on the potty - and actually did pee in the potty on 7/17!  I think it was a fluke, but any progress is good!
 7/27 - we dropped the kids off with Jason's parents and had a little time to ourselves.  Josiah planned this with Jason's mom - he loves his grandparents and also loves watching unlimited TV, playing with cousin Trent, and eating lots of snacks.  :)  Jason and I spent Saturday working cattle and working in the garden.  The cattle were not very cooperative, but we survived.  That night we had a date night in Springfield.  It was fun and relaxing.  We went to Bair's (a local burger joint), and then out for ice cream. 
 This is the smallest one of three giant zucchini I have gotten from the garden.  Not sure how I keep missing them!  But I now have a freezer full of grated zucchini.  The 50' garden is keeping me busy!
 8/14 - just a cute pic wearing daddy's boots!
 8/17 - Levi decided (unprompted) that he wanted to sit on Josiah's lap. 
 8/21 - Josiah's first day of Kindergarten!  He'll be going full days, three days a week.  He looks so big in this picture!
 His teacher, Mrs. Bowles.  She does such a great job!  He had her in preschool also.

My Josiah is getting so big!  He had a great first day and is especially excited to be able to ride the bus this year!  I am a little sad that summer break is over, but I am thankful I still get to keep him at home 2 days a week.  :)  Love my kiddos!