Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walrods in KC

We were very excited for Jason's sister and family to come visit! Our nephew Trent saved up all his money because he wanted to stay in a hotel room. So he was able to stay on the Plaza and pay for it (mostly) himself. Pretty impressive! We all got to hang out at the pool:

Trent and Josiah had fun playing in the hotel room closet. Trent kept reminding us that this was HIS room.
On Sunday we all went to the zoo. It was a great day and Bryan pulled the wagon with Josiah and Trent in it, so Jason and I got off easy!

Josiah and Trent had fun riding the caurosel. I think Josiah liked that better than seeing the real animals. Probably because he can't ride on the real ones. Pesky zoo rules.
Have a great week everyone!

Fire Station

Josiah had a blast at the Parents as Teachers fire station visit. He loves anything to do with trucks, especially when he gets to drive. Here are some fun pics. Enjoy!

Easter at BPS

We went to Bass Pro Shop for Easter. What? That's not everyone's Easter tradition?

Josiah had a great time getting his picture taken with the Easter bunny, and was not scared of it at all.

BPS is one of Josiah's favorite places. He likes to go to the boat center and "drive" the boats. I'm sure the employees hate us. We generally do not buy anything, and Josiah runs around screaming "dive boats!". And of course he is not a gentle boat handler. But, I figure we make up for it with Jason's purchases. Plus I am indoctrinating a future BPS shopper.

Fire Station and Walrod visit pics coming soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

St. Patricks Weekend and Easter

The weekend after St. Patrick's day we visited Jason's side of the family.

We got to see Grandma Mary (who had just had shoulder surgery):

Josiah bonded with his 4 year old cousin Trent over some fresh fallen snow (retrieved through the doggie door).

Cousin Samantha helped babysit:

Discussing big trucks with Paw Paw:

The week before Easter, we went to our friend Lisa's house for a great party. She had fun activities including planting flowers, making/decorating wear-able bunny ears, and of course hunting for Easter eggs. The party was complete with egg-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and a take-home goodie bag with an egg-shaped rice kripy treat!

Josiah, however, was most impressed by the lawn mower in Lisa's garage. Here he is with his friend Asher:

On the hunt for eggs:

Driving his friend Andrew around in the yard:

We went to visit my family for Easter.
This is the "before" picture in the Easter egg dying process. Josiah quickly got bored with this, so there isn't an "after" picture.

We got to meet our new baby niece (Josiah's newest cousin) Ella for the first time!

Josiah enjoyed riding on the toy tractor. Especially when someone else was willing to push.
Hanging out with Grandma Lucy (this was the first time he had been to her house!):

Posing with Daddy at the church breakfast:

Happy belated Easter! Hooray for spring!!!

Coming soon: picture with the Easter bunny at Bass Pro Shop, Fire Station tour, and visit from the Walrods!

1Q 2010

Playing in the snow...

Our friends Genevieve and Olivienne visit!

Which one of these blocks is the lighter?
First time bowling:
Daddy's boots are fun toys.
Jason's birthday:
Wearing Daddy's hat:
Happy St. Patrick's day!

Blog updates coming soon: St. Patrick's day weekend and Easter!