Sunday, December 16, 2012


Here are a few of the fun celebrations we've had lately!

11/3 - Girl's weekend for me - beautiful location and amazing friends!
11/5 - Just goofing off and practicing walking.  He is an expert now!
11/10 - I took the boys to my parent's house while Jason went pheasant hunting.  They loved playing outside and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather!

At my parent's house, Josiah got to open some early birthday presents, since he wouldn't get to see my parents on his birthday (he didn't mind spreading his birthday out!).

11/22-11/24 - had a fun Thanksgiving with Jason's side of the family, and then they came to visit us later that weekend, and Jason hosted private shooting lessons/target practice for them.  Our niece Samantha (far left) was a huge fan, and is now putting a .45 on her Christmas list. 
12/1 - we took Josiah for a very last-minute planned trip to Silver Dollar City for his birthday!  He loves that place, especially the roller coasters.  They had amazing Christmas lights - it was a great time of year to go, especially since it was 70 degrees that day!  Last minute planning is very against our nature, but it was a fun day and a great surprise for Josiah!

12/2 - we had a fun family birthday party for Josiah at his MiMi's house!

The cake I made was supposed to be eaten hot, but unfortunately it melted the bottom of the candles and we had to throw this piece away!
12/6 - Josiah's actual birthday!  It was a Thursday, so we took Transformers cupcakes to school, and that evening we went to Bass Pro with friends to see Santa! 
As you can see, Levi thought Santa was going to abduct him. 
That evening we made pancakes for dinner (one of his favorite meals), and then opened presents. 
12/7 - one final birthday celebration - we went to a bouncy house in Springfield with Josiah's best school friend.  They had a blast!  
The evening of 12/7 we left to go to my parent's house for our first Christmas!   We had a great time seeing everyone and getting to relax and hang out. 

After coming home from Christmas with my side of the family, I downloaded pictures from the camera to the computer (the same way I always have for the last 5 years), and then deleted them from the camera.  Problem was, they didn't all download.  It was strange - some in the middle of the sequence got left out.  So I lost about 200 photos - Josiah's birthday and Christmas pictures.  But then my amazing husband came home and was able to do a restore using a program he found online and retrieve the deleted images from the SD card.  He is my hero!!!  Seriously, what would I do without that guy?

The last month has flown by, but we've had so much fun and enjoyed celebrating Josiah's birthday, as well as beginning to celebrate Jesus' birthday!  Merry early Christmas!