Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October 2010

Let's take a trip back in time to get caught up with our blogging!

At the end of Sept/beginning of Oct, Jason took a guys hiking trip to CO. I was very jealous but happy for him to get some relaxing time away. While he was gone, my mom & Grandma Lucy came to visit and help me with some de-cluttering. I am pretty sure I have kept every cardboard box I've ever gotten. Luckily we were able to recycle them - and clear a chunk of space out of the attic. Thank you!
The next weekend, Jason's sister April & her family came for a visit, and we got to hang out with our family from the northland also! It was fun to see everyone and share the monstrous cinnamon rolls I had made that week. We also had our Parents as Teachers Messy Day that weekend. Josiah had a lot more fun than last year. I, however, slammed a door into my toe while carrying a 50 lb bag of rice (this all sounds ludicrous), and my toenail is still black (it is currently Jan 2011). I am just thankful that it has not fallen off. That would really gross me out. Somehow we did not take any pictures of this weekend's activities at all! What is wrong with us? Sorry family. But we did get a good shot of the cinnamon rolls...
That Sunday (the 10th), we went to a local pumpkin patch/corn maze with some friends. It was fun to let the kids run around, and of course enjoy some apple donuts & fresh cider. I love fall.

Oct 15th Paw Paw made a surprise stop by our house in his big truck! You should have seen the look on Josiah's face. He was SO happy. We got to visit with him for a few minutes before he headed off down the road. Josiah got a cheese stick and a juice from Paw Paw's stash on his truck. He was in heaven.

That weekend (the 15th-16th), I went with some friends for a fun girls weekend getaway. We wore helmets the whole weekend for safety. Just kidding - this is us in Branson zip lining! We had a blast, got some much needed girl time and some "retail therapy". Jason took Josiah to visit his Mi Mi for the weekend while I was gone.

That week we went with some friends to the Deanna Rose Farmstead. Fun times as always. This picture is not the friends we went with, but Josiah and Andrew seemed to have a strange connection with them. :)

On the 22nd-23rd, we went to Omaha to meet up with some of my family from North Dakota that we had not seen in about 6 years (and then it was briefly at our wedding). It was super fun. We got to go to the zoo, and just spend some quality time hanging out. Josiah loved wrestling with all the boys. He was definitely the instigator.

Halloween: Josiah was a dinosaur. When asked if he was a scary dinosaur, he would reply, "no, I am a nice disaur". His costume looked suspiciously like a dragon, so he corrected several people that day. He got that correcting people thing from his mother.
Happy Halloween! Only 3 months late. You can expect our Christmas cards in March.