Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall fun

 On 10/11 we went on a field trip with Josiah's class to a pumpkin patch.  I think his favorite part was the tub full of corn!

 Then he really wanted to carve the pumpkin he got.  I kept trying to convince him that a big one would be better to carve, but our little one turned out cute, even though the candle we put in it burned the inside.

 Just hanging out with daddy.  Love those guys.
 For Halloween we went to Webb City to Mi Mi's house.  Josiah (Spiderman) got to trick or treat with his cousin Trent, so he had a blast.
 Levi (Yoda) had fun too, and even got some goldfish (I love that not everyone gave out candy!).
Levi has finally started walking on his own!  Without prompting from us!  He's not walking everywhere, but he is getting braver every day.  He's still working on standing up in the middle of the floor without something to pull up on.  He has been such a happy little guy lately - it has been so much fun (and I am thankful we have gotten past some of his fit throwing!).  He also now says the words "up" and "achoo".

Enjoying these fun boys!