Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

Josiah was not very happy today when I took him to the Parents as Teachers playcenter to show off his tiger costume for their Halloween celebration.
Here he is saying "I am SO over this":He got hot in his costume, so I unzipped it for him - only to uncover that he really is a tiger!
His friend Andrew is a horse this year - he did not want to sit by the tiger.
This picture is solely for the purpose of showing off his tail.
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall fun

On October 12th we went with some friends to a cider mill/pumpkin patch/corn maze. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed some yummy apple cider and donuts!

Here's Josiah at the cider mill (he could care less about the pumpkins):
Here we are in the corn maze...
...and the pumpkin patch:Josiah & I went to visit my parents this past Sunday through Tuesday. It was good to see them and relax. Josiah got to hang out with his 2nd cousins - he was especially enamored with Addision:
We got to have lunch with my aunts and grandma one day - here's Josiah with my aunt Naomi:
Josiah now has 4 teeth - 2 on top & 2 on bottom. He is now eating Cheerios and of course loves them. He is also practicing walking (not quite on his own yet, but it won't be long!).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sears pictures


Josiah is 10 months old and is definitely developing a mind of his own! Things that used to be easy and even fun are now challenging...for example, bathtime is like a wrestling match that I really only win 50% of the time if I'm lucky. Getting him dressed is the same story - sometimes he crawls around the house half dressed while he tries to get away from me.
He has figured out how to open some of the cabinets in the kitchen. This one is his favorite, and he loves to pull everything out that he can reach and use whatever he finds as teething toys. He figured out that we store the paper bags in the small space between the oven and the refrigerator - so now he likes to pull those out as well. Of course I had to take a picture with him carrying around a Jack Stack bag! I see a large amount of smoked ribs in his future.
Here he is at Jason's cousin's wedding (congrats Rachel!) dancing the night away with his cousin Trent.
He was exhausted at the end of the night, but he had a blast! Here he is with a 'I-got-to-stay-up-past-my-bedtime' mischievious grin.

We are having fun trying to corral him - he keeps us on our toes!

Updates on his growth:

*Last week we went to the doctor, and found out that he is in the 25th percentile for his weight and the 90th for height.

*This week he got one of his top teeth!

*He can now say the 'Ma' sound. I like to pretend that he's calling me mommy (after all, he is a genius).

*He is getting a little more graceful at going from a standing position back to a seated position (he used to just fall).

That's all I can think of for now. Have a great weekend!