Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Early Easter!

Levi's amazing dance moves!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

And on that farm he had some chickens

After 2 months of putting me in a zombie state, Levi started sleeping through the night again this week! SO SO happy!! I now have the stamina to blog!

Here's Levi's first time swinging (1/31)! He gave me this half smile the whole time. He didn't act super impressed, and seemed unsure if he should laugh or cry.
Just a fun pic. Love those little guys!

Jason's birthday was 2/10. We had a low-key celebration. We were planning on going out for dinner and leaving the kids with his mom, but then Levi got sick (and got his first ear infection!). Poor little guy - he was miserable. He is such a happy baby normally, but when he got sick he turned into a little monster! I guess I probably act like that when I'm sick too. Thankfully he got over it and returned to his happy self!

Just hanging out and being cute.
Josiah loved the snow we had on 2/13. He cried when it melted. Even though it was freezing out there, he insisted on playing in it and would not admit that he was cold. The cats however, were not shy about admitting they were cold. Daisy just wanted to curl up on Josiah and sleep. He thought it was a fun tackling game. Either way they both had fun.
On 2/29 we got chickens! We have 10 of them - 2 buff orpingtons (the cute yellow ones), 4 barred rocks (black and white), and 4 Rhode Island reds. They were born that morning so they were very little. Josiah was at first not excited about letting them use his little plastic swimming pool until they got big enough for a coop. He threw a big fit about it, saying "but I love that pool! I don't want to swim in chicken poop!". But when Jason brought them home and he saw them, he quickly changed his tune. "I love chickens, they are my favorite animals! They can have my pool, it's okay, I don't care."

More hanging out and being cute. They just can't help it.
Josiah discovering the wonders of fun dip.

The chickens are growing SO fast! Here they are after one week. Their wing and tail feathers are coming in, and we are starting to be able to tell the roosters from the hens. Poor roosters. You will probably end up on our dinner plates.

Josiah "helping" daddy do some work.
We have been busy around the house/farm, and are loving the spring-like weather! Here's to more sleeping through the night (which translates into more frequent blogging)!