Friday, July 12, 2013

More Summer Fun!

 6/28 - 6/30: We went on a super fun camping trip to Johnson's Shuts-Ins State Park with some great friends.  Here we are at the Shut-Ins (where we went Saturday morning) - it's like a natural water park!  Levi was not very happy - he had not slept much the night before and didn't like the lack of sure footing.  But we still had a great time playing in the water (and dragging Levi along with us).  These first six pictures are courtesy of Nate and his fancy camera - thank you!


 Saturday afternoon we went to Elephant Rock - giant boulders to climb around on.  Josiah had a blast and got a little braver than we were comfortable with!  :)  Thankfully no injuries, and smiles all around.

Sunday morning we decided to find the highest point in Missouri, which was nearby.  After some driving around we finally found the right spot - and "hiked" about a .3 mile paved trail to get there.  Not really a challenge! 

 Tired kiddos on the way home!
 7/1 - curious calves :)
 Our last baby!  All cows and calves are healthy and had unassisted deliveries!  Super thankful.
 7/4 - this is about all the excitement we had celebrating our country's birthday.  :)  The kids were impressed so that's all that matters.
 7/6 - Levi's 2nd birthday!!  We had a really fun time celebrating.  First he opened presents, then we took everyone outside to enjoy the weather and show them around the farm.  Levi loves being outside so it worked out great!  It even turned into a "garden party" of sorts, as we ended up picking green beans and sending them home with guests as party favors.  :)
 Note: the back of his new Hulk shirt says "I'm always angry".  This is just about the perfect shirt for my quick tempered little man!
 All the party guests.
 Birthday boy!
 Josiah even had a special superhero shirt to wear.
 All the food I made for the party was green (and everyone ate it!).  We had green grapes, avocados, lettuce, cucumbers, spinach wraps, and broccoli salad.  We also had some green salsa and chips (which weren't green). 

 Then birthday cake!  Which of course the Hulk tried to smash.  ;) Many thanks to my mom for making and decorating the cake!!  She is amazing. 

 After the party - family pics (Jason's favorite thing!):

 In this one, Josiah handcuffed me and Levi was trying to get me to hold him.  :)  Love these kids!
We are enjoying the month of July!  It is much more laid back than June was!  Levi got a pool from his Mi Mi for his birthday (which he calls "bath"), so the kids have had fun staying at home a lot more and splashing around in that.  Josiah has started swim lessons again and is doing great.  We've gotten in a schedule of sleeping in which I love for now, but when school starts next month we're going to have a big adjustment!