Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello 2013

 Just to finish up 2012...

12/25 A fun Christmas pic!

 12/27 Levi trying on his first pair of Levi's (thanks Nate & Jen!):

 12/29 Fending off Christmas break boredom with a volcano science project.  Our lava turned out more pink than red. 

 12/29 Levi in his "cool dude" glasses.  He wears them around the house saying "coo doo".  :)
 12/30 Just hanging out!

 12/31 Enjoying the brief snow - Josiah built this snowman with his daddy. 

We were sick for three weeks straight, including some of Christmas.  Croup, stomach flu, and regular colds all passed around the house.  We are very thankful to be healthy now!

On to 2013!

1/16 Enjoying some green smoothies - they are Josiah's favorite! 
 Levi is asking for his cup back, but I just had to get a picture of his green mustache.
 1/18-1/19 We finally made a trip back to Kansas City to see some friends!  A lot of them hadn't met Levi (he is 18 months old now), and there were several new babies that we had yet to meet.  It was a really great trip, and it was reassuring to not feel that Kansas City was still our home when we visited.  It is nice to feel like where we live now is where we belong.  But we still miss all of these people (and Costco).  :)

 Super fun times!!!  I am feeling super blessed in life right now.  Really wishing there was a pause button.  Levi is communicating more and getting more social (which is not saying much, but any progress is good).  Josiah knows the rules and for the most part obeys them (except for the peeing on the carpet incident over Christmas break).  He is a great reader and is now in gymnastics and jujitsu (though he will have to pick one or the other soon!).  I am super thankful for my family!  We are praying right now about the possibility of buying land and building a house.  A daunting but exciting prospect.  We have yet to find land, so I guess if God wants it to happen then we will find some!  We would appreciate your prayers!