Tuesday, January 4, 2011

November = hunting

November was a fun month marked by hunting and more hunting. First MO deer season. Jason got a 6 point buck (just the head in this picture to appease the squeamish). He spent the next week processing it. Poor guy's mean wife did not help much this time.
Here's Josiah hanging out with his friends Ashdrew (Asher) and Spencer who have gotten him addicted to gluten free, dairy free pretzels.
Went with our friends the Buhrles out to central KS for some pheasant hunting. One afternoon the guys let the boys come out a walk a field with them - complete with orange hunting caps, ear and eye protection. They looked cute all decked out in their gear. I'm sure "cute" is the word the dads were going for.
Hunters in training...
For Thanksgiving weekend we went to visit Jason's side of the family. It was a fun time and Josiah had a blast hanging out with his cousins. His favorite thing was getting to carry around Uncle Derek's badge (see it hanging around his neck?), and using Aunt April's handcuffs to "arrest" his cousin Samantha. She spent a lot of time in jail that weekend.
A fun pic of some of the family...
The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we went to Bass Pro to visit Santa and his caribou, er, I mean reindeer. Santa asked Josiah what he wanted for Christmas. Josiah threw his arms in the air and said "LOTS OF TOYS!". Later, my mom asked him: "well what did Santa say?". Josiah: "he said 'put your arms down'".
Merry early (for Nov) or late (for Jan) Christmas!