Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It's been a fun couple of weeks...but I have been a slacker on taking pictures!

9/24 - Josiah got to have his first (of what I'm sure will be many) orthodontist appointments!  Did you know there are phase I braces that happen before phase II?  I'm sure we'll be learning a lot about them in the next couple of years.  When the orthodontist looked at Josiah's teeth he said, "There's a lot going on in there!".  Not a great sign.  He had a spacer put in between 2 of Josiah's molars because one is growing in sideways into the next one.  Then he recommended that we have 3 of his top teeth pulled.  We haven't gotten that done yet, but it probably does need to be done...even though 2 of the ones he recommended to pull are the canines which he said won't grow in for a couple of years.  

9/25 - Jason and I had a date night so we could go watch the Everest movie.  Absolutely breathtaking.  It made me want to go hiking again...but definitely on smaller mountains.

9/26 - I took these goofy boys to the zoo while Jason played in a charity golf tournament.
 9/30 - my friend Crystal and I made lunch for Josiah's school.  The school isn't doing hot lunch anymore, so they allow the parents to sign up to occasionally make lunch.  We weren't sure exactly what to expect, but we ended up making almost 60 lunches and had a great time doing it!

10/3 - we hosted our 9th annual Oktoberfest with the Buhrles and Hardins.  It was such a fun weekend!!  Not to brag, but we made some delicious German food.  So glad we have this tradition as a great excuse to get together.

Here are the Hardins making their famous German pretzels (and Levi posing).  
 The kids had a blast playing in the cattle trailer.
 Here's the group pic I stole from Facebook.  Thanks Nate!
10/10 - Apple Butter Days weekend which is a big deal in Mt Vernon.  We went only briefly to see the parade, work in the school funnel cake fundraiser stand, eat some tasty ribeye sandwiches, and drink homemade root beer.  

That evening, we went with friends to Clue Pursuit which is a super fun game where you work together to solve a mystery to be able to escape from a locked room.  The room we were in only has a 15% escape rate - and we were able to escape (with only 48 seconds to spare, but who's counting?)!  
10/14 - Levi's friend Cael turned 4 this week, so we helped him celebrate with lunch at Chick-fil-a!

Thankful for our friends!!