Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Royal start to November

 On Nov 1st, the Royals won the World Series!!  On Nov 3rd there was a parade in downtown KC to celebrate.  So of course we HAD to make the trip.  Jason remembers the last time they won the world series in 1985, and has been a lifelong fan.  I am admittedly not the biggest fan of baseball in general, but the Royals have been really fun to watch this season!

Jason took off work and we let the boys skip school, and we crawled out of bed at 4:30 am to load up the car and head to KC.  We arrived downtown around 8:30 am and met up with our friends the Hardins (who came in from St. Louis) and the Buhrles.  We got a great spot to watch the parade and had a blast catching up with our friends.  We also got to see the Kellys which was fun!  We hung out for 4+ hours before the parade got to us, but it was worth it!

Walking to meet our friends on a beautiful foggy morning.  Our parade spot was about 1.5 miles from where we parked.
 We took some pictures from the Liberty Memorial.  This is before the crowds got super crazy.  They estimate 800,000 people were there!
 Snacking while they wait for the parade to start.  My kids were disappointed that no candy was thrown to them during this parade.  :)


 The Clydesdales look pretty amazing in blue!

 Just a glimpse of some of the crowds flooding the street at the end of the parade.  It was jam packed with people - and this is just part of the crowd.  Jason hates crowds but he still thought it was worth it!  Congrats Royals!!!

Zombies, bobcat blood, and Halloween craziness

10/14 - Cheering on the Royals in Blue October!
 10/17 - Mi Mi and Paw Paw came to visit.  This was the best picture I could get - one of them is always making a silly face!  This afternoon we went to the National Red Poll sale which was in Springfield this year.  Jason didn't buy any cattle but it was fun to check it out.
 10/18 - went to the airport after church to drop Jason off for a work trip to Colorado.  Boo!  We don't like it when he's gone.

 10/20 - Levi's class field trip to a pumpkin patch.  It was really fun!

 Levi and his best friend Ben.
 The whole class...18 of the 19 total kids.  They have a very patient teacher!

 10/21 - we went to the airport early so the kids could watch the planes coming in before Jason's flight arrived.  It was gorgeous weather and we had a great time.  Best of all we got to pick up Jason!!  Glad he's home.
 10/24 - a crazy action-packed Saturday, starting off with zombie races for the kids!  Levi ran a 1/4 mile and Josiah ran 1/2 mile.  I made them train for this race and they hated the training, but it paid off for the race.  They both did really well!

 After their race, we went to a local place where they do free train rides.  They had a blast wearing the vampire teeth they got at the zombie race and seeing all the characters along the train route - like Optimus Prime.

 Then Jason and I dropped the kids off with friends and went to our zombie obstacle race!  They gave us each a belt with 3 flags on it to wear during the race, so in addition to navigating trail running in the Ozarks (read: rocks everywhere) as well as obstacles, we had to try to keep the zombies along the course from grabbing our flags.  It was really fun and challenging!  By the end we had both lost all of our flags.  I guess we don't have to wonder if we'll survive a zombie apocalypse.
 That evening I went to Mt Vernon to run a 5K with my friend Katie (her first 5K ever!).  It was an evening race in the dark and everyone wore lots of glow sticks.  Katie had not trained much at all, so we alternated running 3 minutes then walking 3 minutes.  It was a great time and she finished well and didn't even throw up!

 10/27 - Josiah earned his bobcat badge!  This is part of the top secret ceremony (apologies to the cub scouts for leaking this info).  So proud of Josiah!

 Drinking "bobcat blood" which Josiah hated (it tastes suspiciously similar to hot sauce).
 And pretending to shoot the bobcat.
 We all ended up with painted faces :)
Also on 10/27 I was quickly eating dinner when I bit down wrong and chipped 3 of my bottom teeth.  Eating a burrito.  Ugh.  I went to the dentist on 10/28 and they fixed the one that was chipped the worst.

On the 27th & 28th we got 13 new windows installed!  Very excited to not smell smoke all winter from our outdoor wood burning stove!

10/31 - Halloween!  Josiah is a ninja, and Levi is Jake from the TV show Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  My parents came to visit for a couple of days, and we all went to Bass Pro and got a free treat bucket and a picture of the boys with wooden Charlie Brown characters (which I can't post unless I purchase.  Sorry, not happening.).

 I dressed up as Izzy from the Jake show.  Everyone under 5 recognized me, but the adults with no small kids gave me some puzzled looks.

After Bass Pro my parents headed home, and Jason and I took the kids to see his parents and grandparents in Mt Vernon.  Then we went to a friends' house for our church's Halloween outreach called treat the town.  Basically we handed out really good candy (like full sized candy bars) as well as some local gift cards, and some info about our church.  It was a really fun evening and hopefully some people will want to learn more about God as a result.

Happy Halloween!